Music tasters




Some MP3 "Samplers"

A very small selection of the various projects I've worked on over the last couple of years. I shall rotate these around every now and then. Being MP3 format, the quality doesn't reach the broadcast quality of the originals. I hope you enjoy what you hear. Don't forget, you can license any of these tunes for your project directly from this website (via Songtradr) - just click the logo above.


African Dawn

My brief was to produce a tune suitable for background music to a boat traveling down a remote tropical river.




Letters Home

This is part of my WW1 Album "Thoughts from a Trench". I've tried to get across the sadness, hope and confusion those in the trenches felt. To many, the war became "normal life".

What Have We Done

The brief on this one was my take on the disgusting state we have allowed our planet to get into. Our selfish behaviour has turned a beautiful place into our own personal trash can.

Rock of Aged

This was devised as incidental and production music to be used in a TV series. It's pretty n straightforward Rock. I've tried to keep it interesting with "different" chord sequences. I quite like it - but I would - wouldn't I 🤔😎.

Sweet as a Nut

My brief was to "rethink" public domain "classics". This one is currently being used in a non exclusive advertising campaign. In case you've not noticed - it's based on the "Dance of the Sugar Plumb Fairy" from the Nutcracker Suite?

This is one of many "reimagined" classics available - just ask 👍

Coaxing my Soul

I was asked to produce something with a 60s "soul" vibe. I went for the classic "STAX and Atlantic" sound with a central piano riff, a big horn section and an intricate bass line.



"Keep it simple" with piano and strings as the main instruments. That was the brief for this one. I spent 20 years living on the edge of Exmoor - so I used  my memories of this wonderful place as my inspiration for this one.