Welcome to Thin Ice Music

​​​​​​The music website of Paul Kearns.

Look no further for the music for your project.


Welcome to my new website. Over the next few months, this will showcase the music I've been working on for the last few years.
I literally have hundreds of instrumentals ready for licensing - ranging from simple sound effect cues, through beautifully crafted themes to commissioned projects.
I've composed and mastered literally hundreds of tunes, themes, cues and sound effects.
Over the coming months, these will all be available for licensing - direct from this site. Until I've got this all sorted out, the Music Page will feature an ever increasing number of MP3 samples for you to audition. Initially, if you're interested, I'd ask that you email me for links to my current distribution libraries - where you can licence the music for your project straight away.
  • Every single tune can be rearranged to fit your project - or remixed in a way to suite your needs - just ask +.
  • Special licensing deals are available on most compositions - including exclusive use worldwide ++.
  • Bespoke compositions can be undertaken on larger projects.
  • I'm happy to collaborate with you (or your vocalist) to produce a new song that we could market or use jointly +
  • If you don't see what you're looking for, it probably means I've not got it up on-site yet - or I'm working on it.


Over the next few months, I hope to get the site fully functional, showcasing my music, allowing online licensing and creating full online collaboration facilities.
So please come back regularly and see how I'm doing 👍

Now - I'm disabled - which in this business can be a real bummer.

I've got over 40 years of musical experience and am very keen to work with other disabled musicians in any kind of collaboration.

I didn't want my musical career to end - simply because of a stupid accident. Although I can play on stage any longer, I don't see why that should end everything.

If this sounds familiar then I want to hear from you. Are you a frustrated disabled musician?

If so, get in touch - I'm very keen to work with other disabled musicians. Together, maybe we can start to enjoy our music again. 

Over the next few months, I hope to get the site up and running - not only showcasing my music, but making into a portal for collaboration with and a showcase for other disabled musicians.
+ Every remix is assigned it's own ISCR number and it's own registration with BMI and is treated as a unique composition for the purposes of licensing.
++ If a composition has already been permitted limited licensing, then the exclusive licensed copy will be renamed and re-registered with BMI as a unique composition. In this case, no further limited licensing will be granted on the original composition for the period of exclusivity agreed.