Collaboration Portal




Collaboration Portal


This is under construction at this point.


I'm very keen to work with other musicians online. 

I'm especially keen to work with other disabled musicians.

I'm a keyboard player, so I'm especially keen to work with guitarists, singers, composers in need of "stimulation" and other keyboard players that just want company.


What I'm trying to do here

  • I've always found that working with others often promotes new ideas in both parties - a clear case of "the whole is greater than the sum of the parts". When I had the "big" studio, I always had other musicians milling around and often, new compositions would be created just by someone wandering past saying "why don't you try this" - and suddenly, we've got a hit on our hands.
  • I know there's lots of people with great ideas but no idea what to do what them. 
  • Studio time (for demos) is expensive and "hit & miss".
  • I've got 20 + years of studio experience and have a fully "loaded" studio at home.
  • I'm registered with BMI (for copyright protection) and can issue my own ISCR registration numbers (for radio play tracking).
  • Any collaboration will be preceded by a copyright agreement and all contributors will have their interest registered worldwide.
  • I have more requests for media "placements" than I can deal with - allowing a "conduit" to put our music forward from the outset.
  • I'm not doing it for the money. I want my fair share (like anyone would) - but, being retired and disabled, it's more about helping others enjoy music as much as I have over the years.
  • I want to feel I can still make my mark on the world - even at my age!!
  • I want music to be fun 😎🎵🎶

Come back soon.

It might take me a while but, if you are interested, then click here to get in touch. We don't have to wait for the portal - collaboration is already available if you can setup an FTP account.